Bill Poulos Reviews CDC’s Charitable Efforts in Detroit

As any long-time Detroit resident knows, it’s a divided city. There are striking disparities in just about every category you can think of – health, economic ability, education, housing, and more. 

But once I discovered  Lisa Johanon’s Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) – I knew she was someone to thank for the positive trajectory that Detroit is on

Lisa’s work with the CDC has helped bridge and heal this divide through carefully designed resources, training, and programs – but also through love, patience, and prayer. 

It’s a beautiful combination that has worked wonders for everyone it’s touched. 

Bill Poulos Reviews The Incredible History and Work of the Central Detroit Christian Community Development (CDC)

Lisa has been on the scene with the CDC since she founded it with Melvin Green in 1993. The CDC is a non-profit, faith-based organization that works to create community healing and equal opportunity in central Detroit.

In their words, the CDC is “committed to empowering people, creating positive opportunities for the community and, loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

Her organization has programs to support people in every stage of life. She has programs for children, teens, adults, and parents. 

The work includes childhood educational programs, job training, employment opportunities, entrepreneurial training, helping families access housing, and tending to individuals in times of medical or personal need. 

The CDC also goes above and beyond to lift people to achieve new heights and accomplishments they can be proud of. The CDC is a PROSPERUS community partner, which offers a 20-week entrepreneur training program that helps participants realize their potential and develop a business plan.

Her work is the true embodiment of the phrase ‘love your neighbor’. She’s done just about everything – including taking calls in the middle of the night to pray for and console a family that lost a loved one. Talk about an angel on earth. 

If America was filled with more hard-working, selfless people like Lisa – it’d certainly be a happier, more hopeful place. 

The organization, which has been granted Community Housing Development Organization status by the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan, has grown to a staff of more than 20. 

Isn’t that just amazing? Just imagine what they could accomplish with a little more. 

The CDC relies heavily on assistance from partner churches, donors, and foundations to continue to provide its essential services. 

I hope you’ll join me in fighting for hope by contributing to their cause and helping them build a happier, healthier, and more equitable Detroit. Donate to their cause here.